At FencePros we love building Pergolas. It’s what we do every day, all year long. We specialize in creating the best-built Pergola you can buy. This is a long-term investment in your ability to enjoy your home. With our focus on the most up-to-date codes, quality, and craftsmanship, we deliver that on every Pergola we build. This is why we are Scarborough’s top Pergola installation company!

Other builders cut corners to save money. However, at FencePros Pergola we do the exact opposite. We build with the best materials, to the highest standards, at a fair price. Further, quality building and peace of mind are crucial in creating this place of enjoyment for your family. That peace of mind is what you buy with Scarborough’s professional Pergola company.

Construction is a dynamic process that often throws unseen challenges into a smooth and timely completion. What sets Fencepros Pergolas apart is our commitment and ability to quickly address and mitigate all issues that will hinder your project from your desired completion.

Our proven process starts with design when we first meet. Our experience enables us to ask the right questions and offer the right design options to suit your unique needs and budget. We are very detailed in the contract we enter into with you so there are no surprises. Should you require a change mid-project? No problem, we’re agile and flexible and will adapt to your needs.

The best way we have found to make sure your project is completed smoothly is communication. From the permit and planning process to the start, duration and completion, our communications with you are critical.

So what are you looking for? If you live in Scarborough and are looking for a professional Pergola installation company you are clearly in the right place! Just give us a call and will be glad to help you [wpcode id=”855″]

Our Warranty

Above all Scarborough Pergola professionals has you covered. All of our contracts include a 10 year, workmanship warranty. This insures that you are always safe in case there is any deficiency down the road!